#MyCurtsyStyle #OnFleek Of The Week

Oscar for #BestCloset at South Carolina goes to…

…Katelyn Campbell, our fave girl crush on Instagram and IRL.

If you’ve ever scrolled the “Most Popular” feed on Curtsy in Columbia, chances are you’ve seen some of Katelyn’s pieces.

In a pinch? Need an outfit for your GNO, darty, date night, or formal? She’s got it all.

Here are some of our fave looks, straight from her feed and available to rent on Curtsy…

Star print is so in right now- and Katelyn pairs this sweater with white shorts for a summer-vibe

#Obsessed with the sleeves and ruffles on this tan off-the-shoulder romper

We love the pairing of this feather top + leather jacket + snakeskin boots…

we told you this girl knows fashion

Darty or Spring Break outfit? We think so, too

This BCBG number is perfect for any function-

feminine, yet sexy- our favorite kind of dress

We already know that this formal dress will be rented out for formal szn in no time…

Our mini skirt obsession continues- loving this skirt with Katelyn’s black ruffled sweater + boots

Katelyn looks fab in this snakeskin choker dress- and so on trend

Another great day look- and the red paisley print is so fun

Follow Katelyn on Instagram, and rent her closet here.



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#MyCurtsyStyle #OnFleek Of The Week

Oscar for #BestCloset at Arkansas goes to…

…Jordan Meadows

Be prepared to fall in love with her fab, fun, and flirty style.

We love to stalk her Insta for style inspo, so we’ve brought you our favorite looks…

Want her closet? Girl, us too.

Thankfully, she has 16 killer items you can rent off Curtsy today.


It’s safe to say we are #obsessed with this jumpsuit –

and we love how Jordan dressed it up with strappy heels.

Our favorite part about these jumpsuits –

you can slay, while being comfy AF.

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semi ✨#austingotfoodpoisoning #haha

A post shared by jordan meadows (@jordanmeadowss) on


Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.

But we know if Miranda Priestly saw how Jordan rocks this floral number, she’d reconsider.

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A post shared by jordan meadows (@jordanmeadowss) on


This Lulu’s dress should be a staple in every closet-

flattering, fun, and perfect for any function.

Game day? Darty?

This dress can do it all- just be prepared for all the compliments.

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worst blind date ever #stupidcupid

A post shared by jordan meadows (@jordanmeadowss) on


We love just about anything with sequins,

and the Curtsy community agrees- this dress is super popular to rent.

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Oscar for #BestCloset at Alabama Goes To…

Lexi Wardell, an OG Curtsy Biddie and seriously our Alabama girl crush.

As a student at Alabama, Lexi is no stranger to championships and that includes winning Best Closet. The best part? You can rent her looks off Curtsy.

Lexi’s one #BossBabe saving money and making money off Curtsy.


This sparkly cocktail dress has us all starry-eyed and

ready to rent it for our next cocktail.

This next dress has us wanting to go for the gold.

Rent this adorable gold cocktail dress for any occasion; from a date party to a darty, this dress is sure light up any room.

Spring is right around the corner and this white top is bound to look good with anything from skirts to jeans and everything in between.

We are hard core #fangirling over this look 😍

Lexi is a #GirlBoss with a killer closet and we are 100% here for it

Lexi and this adorable pink suede dress have us all heart eyes for all things pink and pastel. Bring on Spring and warm weather ASAP. 

Closet goals, amiright?!?!

Follow Lexi on Instagram, and rent her closet here. 



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Dating Netflix

How big of a commitment is Dating Netflix? It’s pretty BIG.

So here’s the deal friends, I’ve decided to date Netflix for a while.

To those who know me, please get your jaws off the ground. I was bound to settle down in my old age.

To those who don’t know me, I don’t know you but I can tell we are gonna have that ‘I love you b*tch. *guitar strum* I ain’t ever gonna stop loving ya, b*tch’ relationship.

So, that’s like, really cool ;D

I didn’t choose to date Netflix, they chose to date me. It happened in a blink of an eye. One moment I was studying for my midterms and then BOOM I had compiled a list of 587 movies to watch before I die.

When I came out of my procrastination fog, the realization that I just commited the worst commitment-phobe cardinal sin of all the galaxy hit me hard.  I had committed to watching 587 movies before I die. This type of commitment translates best to a Las Vegas elopement, because till death do us part, baby. 

Watch 587 movies before I die? Challenge Accepted.

Do it by myself?! Hell Naw, I’m bringing you netflix-bingers with me.

Wait, Really? Ya homie, like RLLY RLLY.

Each week I’m going to share my thoughts of a movie I watched.

NO, this isn’t a review, this is just someone venting to a friend about the latest in her dating life.

Let’s get venting, shall we?!  

Movie: BIG (1998)     Run Time: 2hrs 10mins

At this point, I’m totally in the honeymoon phase of dating Netflix.

They are buttering me up and showing me their best selves. I should care, but how could I when I just spent 2 hours of quality time with Tom Hanks.

So hey, don’t judge me but I think Netflix and I might be in this for the long haul.

BIG is about a 13 year old boy, Josh Baskin, who walked up to this creepy carnival machine called ‘Zoltar Speaks’ and wishes to be ‘BIG.’ Next day, you guessed it fam, he wakes up as a 30 year-old busting out of his PJs. Josh roughs it in NYC while he’s scared sh*tless before becoming a hotshot at a toy company.

I mean seriously this kid dances on a floor piano with the CEO, has a trampoline in his apartment, dates a girl boss, becomes a VP without a degree, hangs with Zoltar again, and heads back home 13 again.

Basically, the point of the whole movie is that Josh Baskin is a legend and we are all mere mortals.

The Vent:

  1. Zoltar is creepy AF and even 13 year old me would have been feeling squirmy so, dear sweet Josh, that was just so dumb. Like for real, take a look at Zoltar. 
  2. Josh should’ve taken a lesson from his alter ego Forrest Gump. Seriously dude,  ‘Run forrest run’ when he wakes up all man & sees his Mom.
  3. BIG is crazy good for a million reasons, but what solidified it as the real deal in my mind was Josh’s pure kindness. He may have got his wish to be ‘BIG’, but at the end of the day, Baskin was just a ‘BIG’ kid taking on the world with a bunch of jaded adults. Josh Baskin wasn’t jaded, thus making so many adults cooler because of that. Big comes down to this, as we age we are bound to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s our choice to let the ‘ugly’ jade us or to respond with pure kindness so that the world gets so much cooler for it.

Next time you’re looking to be inspired, I  recommend watching/rewatching/re-enacting BIG. The movie is a classic that everyone should see at least once in their life.

Already seen BIG? Comment your thoughts on the movie below.

Have a movie to add to my list? Email me at [email protected]

College Lifestyle

71 Thoughts I had during The Bachelor Finale: Part 2

Alright everyone, I’m back.

After quite the ~dramatic~ episode last night, it’s safe to say that the entire country and beyond is mad at Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Poor Becca got her heart broken on national television and everyone’s mad, including me. So of course tonight, they’re going to show Arie crawling back to Lauren and then sit them all on the same couch together to talk. Let’s see how this goes.

  1. Ah yes a recap, so glad we get to see this painful event again
  2. Gahhhhh poor Becca the whole country’s heart aches for you girly
  3. Does Arie have any feelings??? ~confused~
  4. Becca gets her heart broken and they send her home on a plane in COACH???? Homegirl deserves first class after that
  5. Arie’s having a panic attack because he left one girl broken hearted to chase after another and is afraid she won’t take him back….
  6. Producer: “Do you love him”….. yikes
  8. Ohhh he already told her they broke up
  9. He was only with Becca for a month and a half?!?!?!?!?!!
  10. Is Arie wearing makeup?
  11. Please say no Lauren please say no
  12. He’s already 1000% over Becca wow

  14. I’m over this show
  15. Homegirl is wasting NO time asking for that ring
  16. Bekah is all of America right now
  17. PREACH TIA                                  
  18. This girls are making me feel even worse for Becca and I didn’t even know that was possible
  19. Are they hinting at Becca being the next Bachelorette?
  20. **Chris cuts them off** rude
  21. Let’s just recap this episode ONE more time
  22. Becca is just too nice for her own good ugh
  23. Girl is donating her wine money, truly an inspiration
  24. “Do you want to see him” no
  25. Wow I would not be okay
  26. Did Arie just blame Becca for working?
  27. Huh?
  28. I’m getting lost in this conversation, anyone else?
  29. Hahahahaha she said she’s ready to move on right in front of him
  30. She’s such a good person
  31. YIKES
  32. He’s blaming the Bachelor for proposing… ok
  33. I’ve eaten like 14 oreos
  34. If he says he put as much effort as he could he is l y i n g
  35. SHE FORGIVES HIM WOW                                   

  36. Molly and Jason are adorable
  37. Does anyone remember these magazine articles about Jason and Molly???
  38. “He is a nice person” lies
  39. This is the only thing that has 100% success rate on The Bachelor tbh
  40. Ahhh yes Arie’s back
  41. Bekah’s face when Lauren walked out is me
  42. They’re never going to be a “normal” couple
  43. HE SLID INTO HER DMS hahahahahahahaha
  44. Lauren’s talked more tonight than she did the entire season
  45. “What do you want to say to the haters” my favorite quote this season
  46. I still don’t get how Arie has gray hair
  47. “It was worth breaking everyone’s heart to end up where I am today” ok
  48. WOW he’s going to propose
  50. JK we all saw that coming lolol
  51. What was that curtsy thing??
  52. Love her she deserves this
  53. We’re gonna start this right now too??
  54. They did this on Rachel’s season
  55. Alright here we go, let’s see who they got for Becca
  56. HAHAHA loyalty and honesty taking shots at Arie
  57. Lincoln, so daper
  59. what.a.nooooooodle!!!!
  60. Chase, has a hard act to follow
  61. What’s happening with his hair?
  62. Omg a guitar
  64. HOW CUTE
  66. Ryan, I am obsessed

  67. Oh okay Darius looked at her like she was a snack, pass
  68. I wonder what Arie’s thinking watching all this?? Is he watching this??
  69. A HORSE??????
  70. Blake, what a CUTIE
  71. He’s getting her “Back on the horse” I am crying

Well, we’ll see you all back here when Becca’s ~most dramatic season ever~ airs on May 28th

#GirlBoss Guide College Lifestyle

Spring Break Essentials: The Curtsy Way

You bring the party, we’ll do the rest

FINALLY. Spring break is here. January lasted about three years too long. February felt like a week, and now spring break is here. If you’re like the majority of college girls, you’re taking every last-minute babysitting job you can to make some quick cash and trying to figure out whether Ulta or Sephora has better self-tanner. Mousse or lotion, right? Wipes or spray? Too many options.

Better news: Curtsy has you covered. From spring break wardrobe essentials to all the best sunscreen and beach towels, all you have to do is bring the party and Curtsy will provide the rest. Read along to see top items on the app you can rent for spring break with our special 10-day rental feature. Curtsy HQ’s favorite products are linked too, so you can find them easy before you hop on a plane to LAX.

50 lb. limit, yikes

Who decided 50 pounds is the limit?? If you’re anything like me, you pack everything you own “just in case.” Hopefully this guide can help you narrow down your entire wardrobe so that you don’t travel to another country and bring your entire closet along. It’s time to pull out the white pants and light colored pieces to show off that #sb2018 tan. This tie-dye two-piece dress is perfect for dinner & drinks after a long day on the beach. Perfect colors for showing off tan and maybe a little bit of sunburn?? (wear sunscreen!! keep reading for top picks)

Girls just wanna have sun

Sunscreen, ladies! It’s so important. I heard one time that you get tanner from wearing sunscreen than from going in the sun without it. That was probably a trick from my mom, but hey, it stuck with me. But really, even if you only put on SPF 15 that is better than going without. Sun Bum and Hawaiian Tropic are my two favorites. Both smell super beachy and Hawaiian Tropic even makes a kind with sparkles. Sun Bum has SPF 30 lip balm too that comes in a variety of flavors: coconut, banana, watermelon and more. Both brands are relatively cheap, but it’s also your skin we’re talking about so it’s also totally normal to splurge. Moral of the story: wear sunscreen!

Aloe. Don’t be the girl to forget aloe. In the event you forget to reapply or if you doze off in the sun, make sure to pack aloe in your beach bag. I don’t know if aloe is proven to help sunburns, but it sure does feel good. And while you’re at it. Pack after-sun lotion too. It keeps your skin from feeling tight after being in the sun and provides good moisture after a long day on the beach.

And to answer that previous question about self tanner– St. Tropez lotion. Immediate results, no streaks and it smells good! Ulta is the place to purchase.

Half of my spring break clothes are white

Don’t worry, this is totally normal. No matter how freckled, tanned or burnt you get on spring break, wearing white will highlight those tan lines. This Free People sweater would look perfect with white jeans or light wash jean shorts. Always pack a light sweater to throw on over a tank top or dress for nighttime. The wind at the beach can get chilly… and sunburn can make you cold too.

White nail polish is a popular pick for spring break too. Light-colored nails help you look more tan, and they also just look really good on everyone.

Add some gold jewelry to your white-themed outfit, and you will look flawless for sure.

Effortless perfection is the goal

This has never been me and will never be me. Pictures on the beach usually go like this for me: my skin is splotchy either from sunburn or ocean water/sand/sunscreen mix, and my hair is absolutely everywhere. Normal, tame hair? Nope. I don’t know how girls manage that. No uneven sunburn or weird tan lines? Not me either. I can’t control the wind wherever you’re going but at least your outfits can be #onfleek.

These spring break essentials will get you a few steps closer.  Tkees has the perfect flip-flops for walking to and from the beach. They come in almost every color, and they make them in “foundation” tones too so they can match your skin. For when you want to lay down on your stomach to tan or for cute pics in the sand, Las Bayadas has the best towels. They make towels using fun, bright colors and you can get  tassels on your towel too.

Dressy looks better with a tan

Maxi’s and two-pieces are perfect for fancy dinner and going out while you’re on spring break! Take advantage of all of the maxi’s on the app, and use the 10-day spring break rental feature to take Curtsy with you this spring break! This Dolce Vita two-piece is a perfect addition to your spring break wardrobe. Look at how cheap that member price is too!

No matter where you’re going for spring break, take Curtsy with you. The 10-day rental period won’t be here forever, so take advantage of it while you can!

Tag @curtsy in your spring break pics so we can see where our Curtsy girls are off to this year. Bon voyage!

P.S. Don’t have Curtsy?! Download the App Now.



#MyCurtsyStyle #OnFleek Of The Week

Oscar for #BestCloset at Auburn goes to…

Caroline Covert, our favorite fashionista and serious closet #goals.

Auburn girls know fashion, and Caroline is no exception- you can tell just by looking at her feed.

Luckily, you can rent all her looks on Curtsy for a fraction of the retail price- and the best part is, she’s always adding new items to her Curtsy Closet.

Fun fact: Caroline has made over $500 from renting her dresses off Curtsy – talk about a side hustle💰


We love this fun, flirty, feminine LBD from NBD-

perfect for formals, cocktails, or date night.

Leather is so in right now- and we are so here for it.

Pair it with a fun pair of earrings and heels to make it versatile for spring!

This coral dress has us wishing for warmer weather and summer days-

and also makes for a perfect Parent’s Weekend outfit!

This NBD snakeskin dress is easily one of the most popular dresses on Curtsy-

and we die to get our hands on it every formal szn.

This Misguided set is everything- and you can dress it down

by pairing the off-the-shoulder top with a pair of high-waisted shorts.


How many great formal looks does Caroline have in her closet?

The limit does not exist- and this lace number is another stunning choice.

Follow Caroline on Instagram, and rent her closet here. 



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College Lifestyle

117 Thoughts We had during the Bachelor Finale: Part 1

**WARNING** There are definitely spoilers.

Just to preface this article, I love The Bachelor Franchise. I religiously watch every season including the spin offs (Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Winter Games, etc…), so naturally, I was excited for this season to start. But I also really hate Arie. So I was torn from the start. Nevertheless, here we go.

  1. Wow love Chris Harrison. He has the best job in the world, amiright?
  2. I actually believe Chris this time when he says this will be “Most Dramatic Season Ever”.
  3. I don’t think I would want to get engaged in Peru TBH
  4. UGH ARIE you love both girls you are the W O R S T
  5. Becca, omg love her
  6. ~dramatically looks off to the rainbow~ same girl
  7. Does Lauren remind anyone else of Lauren B. from Ben’s season?
  8. Like neither of them have personalities? But Lauren B is so cute now that she’s off the bachelor maybe that’ll happen to Lauren
  9. Alright, Arie’s family. Let’s see how this goes
  10. Arie looks nothing like his dad wow
  11. His dad doesn’t even have gray hair?? How does he? I’m confused????
  12. Ah yes Lauren’s first let’s do this
  13. She’s too cute for him wow
  14. She looks freakily like his mom and sister??
  15. IS ARIE ADOPTED?? He doesn’t look like anyone in his family
  16. “I’m not cool” ugh Lauren you’re so innocent and precious
  17. “I’m so happy to be in Peru with the family of the guy i’m in love with” Arie’s mom: okay
  18. HA poor girl
  19. Off to get roasted by the dad, yikes
  20. Arie spends a lot of time reassuring a girl that he’s in love with her after dating 23 other girls I mean I would need it too??
  21. Oh no she’s crying 🙁
  22. Girly you should lose him, he sucks Lauren come on
  23. I think they liked her, idk??
  24. “She’s a cool girl” is she??? She doesn’t really have a personality??
  25. “Lauren was dull and sweet and kind” wow what did I hear that right??
  28. She said she fell for him during the group dates girl please
  29. Momma doesn’t look happy
  30. Momma also got her lips done
  31. She thinks Becca is less confident than Lauren? Really????
  32. Oh good now momma likes her
  33. Do we think Chris Harrison is this torn about the girls too?
  35. Why would he ASK if Becca gets along with Lauren??
  36. “Either way I’m fine with it” I would be PISSED
  37. “You’re a little more busy” WHAT
  38. It’s like you’re comparing an Apple to a Starfish HAHA
  39. I would be pissed if my boyfriend’s family kept bringing up the other woman too wowwowowowowowowow
  40. Chris Harrison. Best. Job. Ever. ugh
  41. They act like Lauren needing reassurance is bad?? See point 20
  42. Ahhh Caroline
  43. They’re on a train and they look so awkward???
  44. OMG IT’S DARK let’s kiss!!!!
  45. Ok Machu Piccu is pretty cool i’ll admit it
  46. She looks pretty cold though
  47. Look at all those ~crisp~ clouds
  48. Alright Arie it’s time to change that hairstyle, pls
  49. He looks like a 6th grader who just figured out what gel is
  50. “You’re so different” eck.
  51. “I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I met you” maybe just like 300k followers on Insta
  52. “I can see that life at home with you” Arie no you can see her raising your kids as a stay at home mom
  53. Remember when Bekah went missing hahahahahahaha
  54. Yes let’s ask an Alpaca if you’re meant to be that’s a good idea
  55. Why do they never eat the food on the show?
  56. I just hate the way he kisses
  57. The scrapbook was cute aww
  58. omg we get it you love two women
  59. Ugh Ben 😍😍
  60. **Lauren stares out the window with full hair and make up done like this shot wasn’t set up**
  61. Does anyone like Becca’s dress?
  62. Lauren’s dress I love
  63. Ahh yes Neil Lane
  64. Why does Arie love bright blue pants?
  66. Ugh WHY I feel so bad
  67. Oh man she’s pissed
  68. I would be too
  69. Arie has no remorse
  70. “Why did you do that” Ugh Lauren you’re breaking my heart
  71. I would not be holding his hand if I were her but
  72. She’s holding it together pretty well tbh
  73. **Goes back for round 2**
  74. Chris Harrison is starting to talk like an Italian with his hands
  75. Becca and Chris look like they’re going to a funeral
  76. They shouldn’t make the girls say something before they get proposed/not proposed to
  77. Alright he proposed to Becca let’s get to the drama
  78. HAHAHA they broke the rose that’s a sign
  79. “It’s been.. good”
  80. OH SH**
  81. Did Arie call ABC to get a camera crew back for this?
  82. Everyone booing Arie from the audience same
  83. “The most emotional scene, ever”
  84. Most awkward greeting ever
  85. Oh yeah girl you should be nervous
  86. *Takes a shot every time Arie says “like”*
  87. Wow poor Becca
  88. *Takes a shot every time Arie says “I’m so sorry”*
  89. I would’ve smacked him omg
  90. When Becca said “Well Clearly” HA
  91. This is just painful to watch                                            
  92. *Unedited and Uncut* It probably should be edited and cut
  93. YAS girl walk away
  94. Becca is so real FINALLY
  95. Omg she wants you to leave JUST LEAVE
  96. Don’t go back in there WTF
  97. What is with this guy
  98. She’s obviously not okay????
  99. He’s camping on the couch homie just LEAVEEEEE
  100. Hahahahahaha Arie you are the worst
  102. GO.HOME.
  103. Poor girl didn’t even get the chance to put on waterproof mascara
  104. *Takes another shot every time Arie says “I’m so sorry”*
  105. I’m mad he hasn’t left yet
  106. He’s just rubbing this in and being the worst WOWOWOW
  107. “This ain’t the Notebook b*tch, leave”– My dad
  108. “Please go” *doesn’t leave* “Please just go” *still doesn’t leave* OMG
  110. Wow finally
  111. Lmao they locked him out of the car
  112. Becca girly that’s a lot of blush
  113. I blacked out tonight too girl
  114. It’s passed 11pm and my bedtime but I can’t stop watching
  115. You’re out of time BUT you’ll see Arie tomorrow 🙂
  116. Becca got glammed up for 5 minutes of live TV
  117. I’d be pissed

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recap because trust us, it’ll be good.

HQ News

The Curtsy Closet is Officially Open in Downtown Tuscaloosa

A thousand pieces from the app, all in one place: The Curtsy Closet.

The first Curtsy Closet opened up in downtown Tuscaloosa two weeks ago. Here are the deets:

The Curtsy Closet is a Pop-Up shop with over a thousand pieces from the app. You can rent in-store or from the app, just like normal.

On the app, you can always see what’s currently available in the store.

What all can I rent in-store?

Everything from tops and bottoms, to cocktail dresses, long formal dresses, rompers, purses, and even shoes. It’s all owned by girls in Tuscaloosa.

“It’s easy and convenient to come in for an event and immediately find a rockin’ dress or outfit.” – Brittany McMahon

Why did you open up the pop-up?

We figured it was time to open an official location after our Campus Director, Olivia Kercher, ended up with 600+ dresses in the guest bedroom of her house. Shout-out to her roommates who let the un-offical Curtsy Closet take over their house.

Olivia’s Trunk Show

When is it open?

Mon-Thurs: 12-8PM

Fri-Sun: 12-6PM

Where is it?

Next to FIVE

2312 6th Street

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401

How can I have my closet in the pop-up?

Text us if you’re interested in having your closet in the store: +1 (205) 792-0291

Cheers to all the amazing girls who made the Curtsy Closet possible:

Olivia Kercher

Madison Holmes

Martine McLellan               

Laurel Wilson

Catherine Ross

Alex Sample

Morgan Charles

Issey Behr

Brittany McMahon

Lexi Wardell

Maribeth McClenny

Madeline Little

Lily Bell

Cara McClenny

Kelsie Nagel  

All our Ambassadors  💕


If you have any other questions about the pop-up, shoot us a text: +1 (205) 792-0291. We hope to see you in the store soon! 


Team Curtsy



And the Oscar for Best Closet at Ole Miss goes to…

Darby Frisbie, our latest #girlcrush.

Darby is a total boss babe and trendsetter at Ole Miss, and her feed is always full of fabulous clothes and travels.

If you’re like us and want to raid her whole closet, you can now rent her Instagram looks on Curtsy.

…You can thank us later.

View this post on Instagram

Love love love this place 🥂

A post shared by Darby Frisbie (@talk_darby_to_me_) on

This dress is perfect for spring- flirty, fun, and affordable AF.

View this post on Instagram

If you zoom in you can see some random famous sign behind me

A post shared by Darby Frisbie (@talk_darby_to_me_) on

We are all for the jumpsuit trend rn – and this navy striped jumpsuit is no exception.

Dress it up for a date, or dress it down for lunch with the fam- either way, count us in.

View this post on Instagram

Nights in NYC ✨

A post shared by Darby Frisbie (@talk_darby_to_me_) on

The weather might be warming up, but we will still take any excuse we can get to wear fur.

Fur + over the knee boots = head-turning combo.

It’s sequin szn on Curtsy and this little number from Revolve has us wishing for more formals.

View this post on Instagram

The grove > the quad

A post shared by Darby Frisbie (@talk_darby_to_me_) on

Darby does it again in this navy jumpsuit with the tie in front.

Our favorite part is, this look works all year round.

View this post on Instagram

Feeling good about this year ✨

A post shared by Darby Frisbie (@talk_darby_to_me_) on

Another fab fur look we are DROOLING over… and that we need. to. rent. NOW.

Follow Darby on Instagram, and rent her closet here. 



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