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Tips to to sell your items faster

Improve the photos

Make sure you include a photo of someone wearing the item and a picture of the actual item you’re selling.

Make sure your photos are high quality, have good lighting, and clearly show the color, fabric or material, and detail of the item.

Lower your price

For items that are ‘trendy’ and purchased in the last few years, we recommend about 30%-40% of the retail cost and less if the items are older or have signs of wear.

Offer free shipping

Offering buyers free shipping will increase your chances of a sale by 30%.

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Rent Your NBD Formal Dress For $30

 We’re Curtsy: The app that lets you rent dresses, rompers & two pieces from other women.


How it works

1. Download Curtsy on the app store

2. Browse the app

3. Rent locally or via 2-day free shipping

4. Post your closet to make money

Shop the App

Download Curtsy to Rent Your Formal Dress

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Spring Break Essentials: The Curtsy Way

You bring the party, we’ll do the rest

FINALLY. Spring break is here. January lasted about three years too long. February felt like a week, and now spring break is here. If you’re like the majority of college girls, you’re taking every last-minute babysitting job you can to make some quick cash and trying to figure out whether Ulta or Sephora has better self-tanner. Mousse or lotion, right? Wipes or spray? Too many options.

Better news: Curtsy has you covered. From spring break wardrobe essentials to all the best sunscreen and beach towels, all you have to do is bring the party and Curtsy will provide the rest. Read along to see top items on the app you can rent for spring break with our special 10-day rental feature. Curtsy HQ’s favorite products are linked too, so you can find them easy before you hop on a plane to LAX.

50 lb. limit, yikes

Who decided 50 pounds is the limit?? If you’re anything like me, you pack everything you own “just in case.” Hopefully this guide can help you narrow down your entire wardrobe so that you don’t travel to another country and bring your entire closet along. It’s time to pull out the white pants and light colored pieces to show off that #sb2018 tan. This tie-dye two-piece dress is perfect for dinner & drinks after a long day on the beach. Perfect colors for showing off tan and maybe a little bit of sunburn?? (wear sunscreen!! keep reading for top picks)

Girls just wanna have sun

Sunscreen, ladies! It’s so important. I heard one time that you get tanner from wearing sunscreen than from going in the sun without it. That was probably a trick from my mom, but hey, it stuck with me. But really, even if you only put on SPF 15 that is better than going without. Sun Bum and Hawaiian Tropic are my two favorites. Both smell super beachy and Hawaiian Tropic even makes a kind with sparkles. Sun Bum has SPF 30 lip balm too that comes in a variety of flavors: coconut, banana, watermelon and more. Both brands are relatively cheap, but it’s also your skin we’re talking about so it’s also totally normal to splurge. Moral of the story: wear sunscreen!

Aloe. Don’t be the girl to forget aloe. In the event you forget to reapply or if you doze off in the sun, make sure to pack aloe in your beach bag. I don’t know if aloe is proven to help sunburns, but it sure does feel good. And while you’re at it. Pack after-sun lotion too. It keeps your skin from feeling tight after being in the sun and provides good moisture after a long day on the beach.

And to answer that previous question about self tanner– St. Tropez lotion. Immediate results, no streaks and it smells good! Ulta is the place to purchase.

Half of my spring break clothes are white

Don’t worry, this is totally normal. No matter how freckled, tanned or burnt you get on spring break, wearing white will highlight those tan lines. This Free People sweater would look perfect with white jeans or light wash jean shorts. Always pack a light sweater to throw on over a tank top or dress for nighttime. The wind at the beach can get chilly… and sunburn can make you cold too.

White nail polish is a popular pick for spring break too. Light-colored nails help you look more tan, and they also just look really good on everyone.

Add some gold jewelry to your white-themed outfit, and you will look flawless for sure.

Effortless perfection is the goal

This has never been me and will never be me. Pictures on the beach usually go like this for me: my skin is splotchy either from sunburn or ocean water/sand/sunscreen mix, and my hair is absolutely everywhere. Normal, tame hair? Nope. I don’t know how girls manage that. No uneven sunburn or weird tan lines? Not me either. I can’t control the wind wherever you’re going but at least your outfits can be #onfleek.

These spring break essentials will get you a few steps closer.  Tkees has the perfect flip-flops for walking to and from the beach. They come in almost every color, and they make them in “foundation” tones too so they can match your skin. For when you want to lay down on your stomach to tan or for cute pics in the sand, Las Bayadas has the best towels. They make towels using fun, bright colors and you can get  tassels on your towel too.

Dressy looks better with a tan

Maxi’s and two-pieces are perfect for fancy dinner and going out while you’re on spring break! Take advantage of all of the maxi’s on the app, and use the 10-day spring break rental feature to take Curtsy with you this spring break! This Dolce Vita two-piece is a perfect addition to your spring break wardrobe. Look at how cheap that member price is too!

No matter where you’re going for spring break, take Curtsy with you. The 10-day rental period won’t be here forever, so take advantage of it while you can!

Tag @curtsy in your spring break pics so we can see where our Curtsy girls are off to this year. Bon voyage!

P.S. Don’t have Curtsy?! Download the App Now.



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Cracking the Shy Guys Shell One Date Night at a Time

Last night I was hanging out with one of my best girlfriends and we came up on the subject of our semi formal.

Okay that was a lie, we were talking about it forever and we’ve been texting all day on who she wants to take. You know, life decisions.

We’re driving around, and I mention the guy who she’s been snap chatting the past two weeks (he called her “babe” the other week so things are serious. He was a little intoxicated, but we don’t mention that).

I bring him up and she immediately freaks out and jumps off a cliff to conclusions,

“Oh my god Caroline what if he says no? I would never EVER ask a guy that I don’t know that well that is SO embarrassing. He probably already has a date night that night..”

She goes on for another 10 minutes.

Right as I catch her when she’s taking a breath I say, “Look you’re never going to know these things unless you put yourself out there!”

More like scream than say, but she probably had a whole speech prepared about not wanting to take him.

Also, to be frank with you, this really does not matter in the long run.

In three years are you going to remember Mark from Sigma Apple Epsilon who threw up on you and then asked for your friend’s number at the end of your formal night?

Okay well, you probably will remember that, but the point is as much fun as date nights are they aren’t the most memorable for a few reasons- ha ha. The dates are truly just an added bonus to a fun night out with your girls.

Guys are extremely simple for the most part. If they like you, they will respond. If they don’t like you, they won’t (or they will make up something they have to do instead of the date night like clean their new Nikes).

Easy as pie.

About an hour and a couple of therapy talks I honestly should have charged her later, for she decides she will say to him, “Hey random what are you doing next Thursday?”

If you haven’t done the “oh-my-gosh-I-completely-forgot-it-was-my-function-lol” text to invite a guy, you’re lying.

Ladies, we need to be more like guys when it comes to the first move. You see a guy at a bar strike out and four seconds later he’s on to the next one.

And you’ll be happy to know that my girlfriend is now going to formal with the “guy she’s been snap chatting” and they are going to have a great ass time.

That she probably won’t remember in three years.

P. S.  If you have a funny mem or want me to write about something specific – please comment or DM me on Instagram & I would be happy to!

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South Carolina’s #CurtsyStyle is so FLEEKIN grammable

Trust us, these girls have serious closet #goals.

Take inspo from some of our fave insta #girlcrushes in Columbia.

The best part? They’re all rockin’ looks you can rent for under $20 on Curtsy.

This romper can take you from a darty to the bars in seconds- AND its flattering AF

Shop Rachel’s closet

Follow @rproff4026

TBH- we just wish we could have Isabelle’s whole closet.

Shop Isabelle’s closet

Follow @_isabellejohnson

We can’t get enough of Carson’s trendy style, and she always slays in denim.

Shop Carson’s closet

Follow @carson_light

We are obsessed with mini skirts rn, and this Free People skirt is perfect for a night out with your girl squad.

Shop Taylor’s closet

Follow @taylorrr_morris

This romper has us drooling — if only we could all rock it as well as Julia does.

Shop Julia’s closet

Follow @juliamcaleer

Want your closet to be featured next?! Send us a note at [email protected] 😘



P.S. Don’t have Curtsy?! Download the App Now.

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Did I just get broken up with even when we weren’t dating?

Isn’t this a weird thing to be even writing about? 

Dating right now has got to be the most confusing thing in the world. With these so called “things” and “talking to someone” and “oh we’re just hanging out”, is anyone really even dating anymore?

It’s almost as exhausting as sitting through your hour and 15 minute class scrolling through Instagram the entire time.

Despite having it happen to me several times, I have definitely done it to guys as well and I’m sure we all have. So, oops.

This is what happens when you have the “talk” or try to “define the relationship” when there isn’t really a relationship to define. Which just to throw it out there is weird. Why do we do this? It is like taking a huge wrecking ball to a building that hasn’t even been built yet.

There is a specific time where this happened to me and putting it in to retrospect I am dumbfounded.

This guy was in the same city I was for the summer so we decided to hangout. Full disclosure here, we’ve had some pretty intense conversations and I knew we were into each other.

A guy who can communicate genuine feelings… WOW what a concept.

I got to his cute little home and we started to watch a movie. Please judge me because looking back I was digging my own grave. Also, girls we can all do better than a “movie-at-his-apartment” date which I know we’ve all been on a hundred times.

Things were pretty PG to begin with just your average cuddling and making out. But literally maybe 30 minutes into this so called “date”, he ruins it.

“Listen, I just need you to know this before things go any further.”

(First, if he just assumed things were going to go further, I will have his head.)

“I value your friendship and I wouldn’t want to mess anything up. I just want you to know I’m not really looking to date anyone right now and I don’t want to lead you on.”

Um OK. Lets take a step back. I am about to be a senior, our college towns are 9 hours away, and I’m only going to be around him for the next month. Why would I be looking for anything other than a friendly make out/hang out occasionally?

Also, why wouldn’t you want to date me?

And thanks for ruining my little fantasy of late night summer swims and having a hot guy to make out with.

ALSO, why do all guys think you want to date them? Guys who do this (& girls tbh) automatically believe that you 100% want to date them and they have a need to shut things off before they feel that way too.

Which honestly just makes me laugh because lesssbehonest most of the time boys we aren’t looking to date you either.

Regardless of the circumstances, it was flat out annoying that he ended things before they even began. And this is my point. Too many people try to define things when there isn’t anything to define. It’s like men have a huge wrecking ball in their hands at all times just in case they’ve hung out with the same girl 3 times in a row.

I’ve learned that this excuse, like any excuse really, means that guy is someone you don’t want to be with. Any excuse they give you is just a reason to reassure you that you didn’t want to date them anyways. Trust me, you deserve better. 

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Rent, Rock, Repeat: Frankie Edition

My week as a Curtsy renter

One week renting off Curtsy? Challenge accepted, Curtsy HQ.  In case you didn’t know, it is totally possible to rent your entire wardrobe off Curtsy now. The app now offers tops and bottoms in addition to just cocktail dresses. So you’ll find new categories on the app for tops, bottoms and even two-pieces!

Disclaimer: I am no stranger to Curtsy. I’ve had more than 60 requests from my closet and 39 rentals in the past 4 semesters. I’ve made over $800 off my own clothes! Better yet, I’ve turned that money around and rented over 10 times from other girls on the app. I’m going to use all of this experience to show you how to rent like a #girlboss.

Spoiler alert: this renting escapade cost me only $80 for FOUR bomb outfits. Without Curtsy, these FOUR items would have cost me $383. That’s right, I saved $300 using Curtsy. My lifetime Curtsy savings are legit $2,005.00. Yeah, I gasped too.

Here is what my agenda looked like for this week of renting. The week featured a lot of messaging on the app, meeting up with girls at NC State, trying on clothes and my favorite part– wearing AWESOME clothes. Follow along to see how each step in the renting process works!

Sunday: search the app for potential rents

Monday: message owners about renting

Tuesday: try on Urban skirt, Zara jacket, Lauren Moshi Dress & Express two-piece

Wednesday: wear Urban skirt to V-Day din with bf

Thursday: strut stuff in two-piece at ADPi Cocktail

Friday: Look cute and casual in distressed sweater

Saturday: B-day party time rockin’ leather jacket with lace tank under

Scope out the scene

So, the app’s feed kinda looks like Pinterest. You can scroll for days. Better yet, you can “heart” anything and everything while you scroll. I try to go on the app at least once a week to heart new items so that I can keep my “loves” up to date.

This week’s agenda calls for some going out clothes and an outfit for my Valentine’s Day cocktail. With the addition of non-dresses to the app, you can rent for more than just cocktails once or twice a month. Why keep re-wearing the same tank top with the same skort every weekend when you could spice it up with Curtsy??

I found this 3/4 length sleeve leather jacket to pair with something out of my own closet and this loungey Lauren Moshi dress. I also found this adorable black and white striped skirt from Urban, and I REALLY hope it fits. When I shop, I’m way more likely to buy tops than bottoms so the many, many skirts on Curtsy keep me #blessed. Last but not least, found a red two-piece from Express for my sorority cocktail.


The world is my dressing room

Curtsy is like a hyper-local Revolve store, really. It’s like their website brought to your campus. I went ahead and messaged the owners of the skirt/jacket/t-shirt dress and asked if I could come by today or tomorrow to try them on. Two girls said they’d be home tonight for me to try on, and I’m snagging the jacket from Hope while’s she at the library studying for her test. It’s like Curtsy to-go???!

The good thing about trying on is you don’t have a time frame where you’re in crunch time trying not to get charged. I didn’t start the try-on period until I was at the house trying on the skirt. If it works, you pay. If not, you don’t.

Trying on clothes is sometimes a swing and a miss. Curtsy understands those strike-outs and only charges you when you find that home run piece.


To commit, or not to commit

This skirt fit like a glove. I mean really… I don’t think my own skirts fit me this well. Shout out to you, Kelsey!! Since it fit, I went on the app and paid her right there, it was really easy.

After I left there, I went to try on the t-shirt dress. I couldn’t help but laugh at how I looked in it. It is SO CUTE in pictures, but I really looked like I was omw to a sleepover in it. Maybe next time 🙁 Bella is such a good friend, she’s in the pic with me. She took some shots of me trying on clothes and agreed that this was not a good look for me this weekend, or ever.

I didn’t have to pay for the dress since it didn’t fit. The app doesn’t automatically charge you anymore! Lucky me, Rachel has literally ALL of her closet on Curtsy so I went through and found something else of hers to rent– super cute sweater as seen up top.

Strike a pose, woman

I totally get made fun of for tagging Curtsy in all of my pictures, but I’m really hoping I get re-posted some day… persistence is key, ya know? And when people ask you where you got your outfit, always tell them Curtsy!! Nothing like making someone feel silly for paying full price for a dress that’s on the app for $20.

Even more reason to strike a pose… look at these savings.

Urban Outfitters skirt – $60, rent for $14

Express two-piece – $90, rent for $18

Zara leather jacket – $60, rent for $15

Lauren Moshi sweater – $173, rent for $30

Doesn’t this leave you wondering why you ever go shopping?

The morning after

The post-wear steps are a lot easier than you think. On Sunday, I messaged the owners on the app and asked them when I could bring by their clothes. I’m not a huge drink-spiller so I didn’t need to get anything dry cleaned, phew. But if you do, it’s really no biggie. Curtsy insures each item up to $1,000, so they’ll pay for minor damages in case something happens while you’re wearing it!

Don’t forget to make it official. I’m so bad at this, but try to be better than me. When I say official, I mean make sure you mark the item as returned on the app. You could get charged a late fee if you don’t return it in time! It will also ask you to review your experience, and ALWAYS upload pics of you in the clothing if you took any! It’s so helpful for other potential renters to see how the skirt fits or how the dress hangs. Help a sista out.

Bask in the Curtsy glow

Now, go tell your friends about Curtsy. Brag about how you wore a $300 dress for $20. Show them how great you looked without breaking the bank. Never spend that much money again, and look flawless while you do it. While you’re at it, let me help you bask in the Curtsy glow. Thanks for renting along with me! Use FRANKIE15 for 15% off your next Curtsy rental! Follow me @frankiebmiller on the ‘gram to see how I wear Curtsy each week!

Leather jacket at Mash’s bday party!



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6 College Side Hustles That Don’t Suck

Being broke in college is a given right? It’s hard to not have serious fomo when scrolling through your friends highlights on Instagram or crave something other than ramen for dinner: Thus the introduction of a side hustle. Here are six ways for you to have some side money without losing your social life or sanity. 

  1. Resume Chic –Are you the girl who has her LinkedIn already set up? Have you peered into the real world and realized that a good resume takes you places? Create your go-to template for the people in your life that need some help, and charge a nice lil fee for your services.
  1. Craft on—Always on Pinterest looking at a DIY? Why not open a shop on Etsy and sell your creations to the world. From calligraphy, jewelry making, and embroidery there’s plenty of ways to make your crafting time lucrative. You can even upload the resume templates mentioned earlier! Get that schmoney girllll.
  1. Become an Uber/ Lyft Driver – This one’s for the night owls or the people that live out of their cars. Uber makes signing up SO easy. Plus, major perk: you get to decide your own hours! BEEP BEEP – CASH COMING THROUGH. Pro Tip: Make sure to keep water bottles on hand to keep that 5 star rating.
  1. Participate in a Research Study on Campus– We have all seen the flyers around our college campuses asking if want to participate in a study. Well you can only do this once, honey- in college. These research groups are always working on something new, so being apart of research studies is a EASY way to earn some extra cash (sometimes around the $100 dollar range). Cha chingggggg!
  1. Fill out Online Surveys – For the countless hours binge watching Netflix while simultaneously browsing the web.  Instead of browsing, you could spend your time filling out online surveys. Sites will literally pay you to fill them out. Makin’ this money move is simple. You just register and the companies will contact you when they have a survey that fits your aesthetic, okurr.
  1. CURTSY APP – OF COURSE HONEY THE EASIEST WAY TO MAKE SOME CASH CURTSY. Want to make money without selling your entire wardrobe? Welcome to curtsy – an app that lets you rent out your clothes to girls nearby and rent from them as well. Not only do you make money off the clothes in your closet already you get a new giant closet for way less the normal cost. Now that’s a win-win. Stay stylish and get ya money girl.


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A #BACK2SKOOL Money Makin’ Story

This semester we’re letting our shopping addiction foot the bill. That’s right ladies, it’s time to raise our glasses for all the girls who are letting their closets pay for their Saturday night drinks, late night pizzas, and Instagram worthy outfits with Curtsy.

Here’s how they’re doing it:

First, literally, grab every b*tchin’ outfit in your closet while you’re home.

Second,  because everything you own is b*tchin’ you’ll need to call in some backup to load the car because no money makin’ goods are getting left behind.

Once the goods are secure, say goodbye to your hometown homies and cruise #BACK2SKOOL.

Ok, so you’ve made it back, HELL YEAH, it’s time to unpack your money makin’ looks,Once you’ve got your looks photographed, be ballin’ and upload them on Curtsy,

Seriously, time is money! Now that your closet is uploaded, it’s time for your first rental to slide on into your DMs.As the rentals keep coming in, kick back and watch your dresses buy you drinks,

So we know what you’re thinking…

And to that we say: bring it in, we need a group hug.

No worries, this money makin’ story always makes us a little emotional too. 

Curtsy is the #1 best way to make money in college. We had girls make $450 last semester — and you can too, just by uploading your closet. We cover all of your items up to $1000 in case of accidents, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

TTYL ladies, we’ve got some closet browsing ahead of us.

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An Open Letter to My Summer Internship

Dear Restless,

I’ve always been a question girl, but the thing about asking questions is you never know if they will be answered. Last Spring, I would jog through my college town. On these jogs, my mind would race with the questions I was scared to ask sitting still. Why am I restless in my life? What’s next?  God, can you open a door of opportunity?  I’d promise to sprint through any open doors of opportunity.

And then Curtsy called. I’d worked for them as a Campus Director over the past year at Arkansas. Curtsy is an app that lets girls rent dresses from one another in their area. The semester was over, and they were calling me out of the blue. They opened a teal painted door and offered me a summer internship in San Francisco. I wasn’t going to stand there and let it close. I hardly listened to them telling me the reasons not to take it before sprinting through my open door screaming  “heck yes.”

I was going to San Francisco. 

My first couple weeks, I constantly asked my team to push me. Give me more. Challenge me. I’d run after work and the city was covered in fog. Some days it would clear, revealing a beautiful sunset over the Golden Gate.  One night, I realized I didn’t need others to push me. I could push myself.  I felt as if my own fog lifted, revealing my own unmistakably authentic sunset.  I realized that the sun sets every day no matter what is blocking us from seeing it. If I could remind myself one thing everyday this summer it would’ve been to allow your sun to set regardless of the fog in your own life.

Be like those sunsets, relentless as hell and unmistakably authentic.

Katy Perry always told me I’m a firework but I never understood what she meant. Until this summer.  A firework is blindingly bright, daringly bold, and strangely inspiring. This summer I lived and worked in a crowd of exploding human fireworks. They believed the bolder the better. Their ideology was infectious: boldness is confidence. So often I get caught up in my own insecurities and am afraid to be daringly bold.

This summer I learned that surrounding myself with bold people made me believe in my own boldness.

There is nothing more beautiful than watching someone choose to become daringly bold. It’s freaking magical when we choose to let our ideas and dreams become fireworks in the sky.

To be friendly as hell looks less like a firework and more like a picnic in the park. Picnics are more than walking into the park and throwing a blanket on the ground. They take planning, intention, and sincerity to bring the magic to life. The same goes for friendliness. Without planning, intention, and sincerity your friendliness leaves no mark on those you encounter. For two months I was surrounded by people who approached every interaction with this type of friendliness. It changed my life. This type of friendliness fosters feelings of genuine value, utter awe, and pure magic within myself. I found myself spreading their kindness to all I could. It’s why I hope you & I  take time to be the wow in other’s days. I promise you, the road less traveled leads to the best picnic in the park.

I want to live my life like that teal house in San Francisco does. The teal house in San Francisco is unmistakably authentic, daringly bold, and friendly as hell.

Instead of feeling restlessness on my runs this summer, I felt awe and inspiration. I found myself taking the road less traveled to the best picnic spot in town, watching the sunsets, and staying for the teal fireworks.

Curtsy, you crept into my heart, you filled it with awe, sewed it up, and painted it with a fresh coat of teal paint. Thank you for the game changing, life changing, wow factor-ing, any other cliche way to say, the best summer of my life.