Shipping Your Orders

3 easy steps

  1. Print out the shipping label we send you.
  2. Pack your item in any small box or envelope, or use our Shipping Kit.
  3. Give your package to USPS.

No printer? No problem. We will print and mail your label, free of charge. Check the box to "request label via mail" on the link we send you after you make a sale.

How to get your package to USPS

  1. Leave it in your mailbox or give it to your mail carrier.
  2. Schedule a free pickup at
  3. Drop it in any USPS collection box.
  4. Take it to your nearest post office.

How does shipping work?

When you post your items, you'll select one of three shipping options depending on the weight of your item.

The price of shipping is $4.95 for items under 1 lb, and $7.95 for items under 3 lbs. Lower price shipping is available on some select categories — like jewelry and swimwear — if your item is under 1/2 lb. If your item is heavier than 3 lbs, please contact support to upgrade the shipping.

When you make a sale, we email you a prepaid shipping label that you can use. All you have to do is print it out, package up your item and give it to USPS.

I don’t have any boxes or envelopes. What should I do?

Our Shipping Kit comes with enough shipping supplies for 11 orders. You don’t need any tape, and the envelopes are self-sealing. Buy one here.

What is a Shipping Kit?

Our Shipping Kit makes selling really easy. Each kit comes with enough shipping supplies for 11 orders. You don’t need any tape, and the envelopes are self-sealing. Best part is-- you'll save a trip to the post office when you have supplies on hand. Buy one here.

Can I use USPS-provided "Flat Rate" boxes?

In short, no. USPS has many types of boxes and it can be complicated to know which labels can be used with which boxes -- and easy to get in trouble. Because of this we don't recommend using USPS-provided supplies with any Curtsy label.

If your item is over 1 lb, and it says "Priority Mail" on the label, you can use USPS-provided Priority Mail boxes as long as they don't say "Flat Rate" on them.

However, most items on Curtsy are under 1 lb and ship via USPS First Class -- these cannot be shipped with any of the USPS-provided packaging.

Heads up! Any charges for incorrect use of USPS packaging will be passed onto sellers and could lead to selling restrictions.

What if I don’t have a printer?

We’re happy to mail you a shipping label free of charge. When you go to create the label for a sale you'll see a checkbox to "request label via mail." Please allow 1-3 days for labels to arrive.

What’s the easiest way to ship?

The easiest way to ship is to schedule a USPS pickup, so that your item is picked up from your house by your regular mail carrier. This service is totally free! With our Shipping Kit, you'll have supplies on hand when you get an order.

The second easiest way to ship is dropping your item off at any blue USPS drop box. Find one near you. Be careful: only small boxes and envelopes will fit in these.

And of course, you can always ship from your nearest post office :)

Can I use my own box?

If you have a small box (like the size of a shoe box or smaller), that's fine! Old Amazon boxes are great. We recommend a box or envelope that's close in size to the item you're shipping. If your item is oversized please contact support we can upgrade the shipping.

How long do I have to ship?

We ask that all sellers ship orders within 2 days. Need more time? No problem! Most buyers are pretty flexible, just message them and let them know when you plan to send it.

When do I get paid for my order?

You’ll be paid when the tracking shows your item has shipped. The money will be added to your Curtsy Wallet in the app. From there, you can transfer instantly to your debit card (less than 5 minutes) or bank account (2-3 days).

I need more time to ship. What should I do?

No worries! Just let the buyer know when you can ship it, and keep them updated. If they need it before you can ship it, offer to cancel and refund them.

After I ship, how long does it take to get to the buyer?

After shipping, your item will deliver to the buyer in 1-4 business days.

The average transit time across Curtsy is 2 days, so an item shipped on Monday would be delivered on Wednesday, for example.

Can I ship it from UPS or Fedex?

Our labels only work with USPS (the U.S. Postal Service). We may add additional carriers in the future. Some UPS stores allow you to drop of USPS packages, but not all of them. We recommend calling ahead to be sure.

How can I buy a Shipping Kit?

You can purchase a Shipping Kit here. We ship these out every day so you'll get it just a few days after ordering.

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