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From Tibi to Rachel Zoe, Paige Hawke Is The Real MVP


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Meet Paige.

Most people refer to Rachel Zoe as their fashion inspiration— not for Paige. This chick just spent her entire summer in Los Angeles working at Rachel Zoe’s fashion empire. It all began when Paige inquired about available internships there. This led to a phone interview, and then before the blink of an eye, she was on her way to LAX over spring break for an in-person interview.


I was in the middle of the Auburn library with my best friend, Caroline, when I got the call. I immediately started crying and then called my mom and other best friend, Baskin. I was in total shock and couldn’t believe I was moving to LA for the summer!


The culture in Southern California is so unique. The way people dress, carry themselves, and act is different than anything here in the South. I loved it though! I’ve always been the one ready to leave home and see the world. [However, my parents weren’t too fond of the distance and three hour time difference.]


Q: What did a typical day at Rachel Zoe look like?

A typical day ranged from organizing styling closets to pulling pieces for stylists. I worked on a few sets for photoshoots, which included dressing and styling the model.


I was also interning with The Zoe Report, so on those days, I helped the editors with research, worked with Adobe Photoshop, and entered product information. One of my stories was published, so I’ll never forget this experience!


Q: What’s one piece of advice you took away from interning at RZ?

Be nice no matter where you go in your career— it makes a difference! Also, meet as many people as you can. It’s important to stay connected with your company because you’ve no idea what the future holds. Lastly, always make yourself stand out.

12797616_694108160729048_1382717115_n Q:  What would you tell someone who is eager to land an internship at a renowned fashion firm like Rachel Zoe?

Do as much as you can that will help you stand out! They have so many girls sending in their resumes who want these positions, and only about three get it! Make sure you aren’t just another fashion obsessed girl.


I had already completed an internship with a well known fashion line [Tibi] and went back to help them in NYC for fashion week in the fall.  This speaks measures to a company because it displays how I remained connected and was trusted to come back to help with one of the most important events— FASHION WEEK!


But don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t done these things! You still have time! Be genuine in your interview and tell the person interviewing you why you truly want the position and what you plan to do if offered it.


Q: What’s one thing people wouldn’t generally believe about you?

I shop a lot, but I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. I’m a firm believer that just because you have on designer clothes doesn’t mean you have style. Anyone can walk into Barney’s and buy the latest trend, but it takes a special eye to find the same thing for less at a store like Forever 21. To me— now that’s real style.


And lastly, we asked Paige what’s next on her bucket list.  She told us that she doesn’t have a single thing on it. She believes in living each day as it comes and taking opportunities as they come.  We love that, Paige!

xoxo, Team Curtsy

Follow along on Paige’s adventures at @paigehawke, @styledbyhawke, and her styling website here.

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