Selling FAQ

Right now we only support listing items for sale from our iOS App. Download here.

How does selling work?

Selling on Curtsy is easy! Posting takes just a minute: add pictures, describe the item, and set your price. We’ll even suggest a price to make it easy.

When your items sell, we’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label that'll work with any box or envelope. After the tracking is scanned in by the post office, we’ll add your earnings to your Curtsy Wallet. From there, you can transfer instantly to your debit card or your bank.

What can I sell?

Right now we support most types of womens clothing that are in new, like-new, or excellent condition with no stains or damage.

How can I be successful on Curtsy?

We recommend selling what you’d still want to buy! Items that were purchased in the last few years from recognizable brands sell best.

There are two ways to sell your items extremely fast: photos and price.

The fastest selling items include photos of the item on a person: either the stock photos from the retailer's website, or the seller modeling it (#MirrorPic). When using stock photos, be sure to include at least one photo of the actual item in your posession.

As far as price goes: the lower your price, the faster it will sell.

We recommend sharing your items on your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc, to sell your items faster.

I want to clean out my closet fast. Any tips?

The lower your prices, the faster your items will sell. That and great pictures are the easiest ways to make a quick sale.

How does shipping work?

On Curtsy, you decide who pays for shipping. We recommend making shipping free for buyers to help your items sell faster, but this is optional. When you offer buyers free shipping, the cost is deducted from your earnings.

The cost of shipping is either $4.95 for items under 1lb, or $7.95 for all other items. You'll select the correct weight when posting your item.

After you make a sale we’ll text you a link to print your prepaid shipping label. No printer? No worries. We’re happy to send you a label in the mail.

Learn more about shipping

What’s the easiest way to ship?

We offer a Shipping Kit that make shipping easy. They come with self-sealing envelopes, adhesive shipping label holders, and Curtsy swag of course ;)

After packaging up your item the easiest way to ship it is to schedule a pickup during your regular mail delivery or dropping the item in a blue USPS drop box, located everywhere.

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How do I get paid?

Once the tracking updates to show the item was shipped, the money will go into your Curtsy Wallet in the app. From there you have a few options:

  • Instant transfers to bank or debit card (small fee - takes less than 5 minutes)
  • Free standard transfers to bank or debit card (takes 2-3 days).
  • Cash out to in-app credit (5% bonus - instant).

What if I've shipped my item but haven't been paid yet?

Sometimes it takes the post office a few hours, even up to 24 hours, to scan in your package for the first time. Your earnings will be added to your Curtsy Wallet after the package is scanned in for the first time.

Can buyers make offers on my items?

Yeah! Buyers can offer to buy something for less than your listed price, and you can accept, decline, or counter with a higher offer. Offers are binding (the buyer is charged if you accept) and you have 24 hours to respond.

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