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Can I earn credit from inviting my friends?

Yeah! With Curtsy's new referral program you'll earn $10 for every friend that shops using your promo code. They'll also get $10 off their order.

How does it work?

Share your code with your friends. They can enter it at checkout to get $10 off their first order. When their order ships, we add $10 credit to your Curtsy account.

Where can I find my personal invite/promo code?

If your invite code isn't listed in the gray box above, you can also find it in the app. On your account screen (the girl icon in the lower right), you'll see an option for "Give $10, Get $10," tap that to view and share your code.

How can I share my promo code?

The possibilities are endless! We've seen a lot of success with Instagram and Snapchat stories where folks introduce Curtsy to their friends, but a simple text to a few friends works really well also.

We also have a few built in ways to share your code from the app:

  1. After you post an item, you'll be prompted to share that item to your Insta story. We'll include your promo code at the bottom of that story.
  2. From your profile (the girl icon in the lower right), you'll see an option for "Give $10, Get $10," tap that to share your promo code with your friends.

How will I know if my friend uses my promo code to shop?

You'll get a notification when your friend used your code and the $10 credit was added to your Curtsy Wallet.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

Not at all-- share your code and your love for Curtsy with as many people as you like :)

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