Getting Paid

How do payments work?

Curtsy offers safe and easy payments through the app for buyers and sellers.

When someone buys your item, they’re charged immediately. We’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label that you can use to ship the item. As soon you ship the item out and the tracking updates, we’ll add your earnings to your Curtsy Wallet in the app.

From there, you have three options:

  • Transfer to your debit card (Instant - less than 5 mins)
  • Transfer to your bank account (2-3 days)
  • Use it to shop in the app

How long does it take to transfer my earnings to my bank account?

If you transfer to your debit card, it usually takes less than 5 minutes. If you’re transferring to a bank account that isn’t connected to a debit card, it will take 2-3 days.

I transferred my earnings out of Curtsy but I don’t see them in my bank account.

In rare cases, particularly small or regional banks, payouts can take longer than 5 minutes. Also, if your payout is more than $100, it may be held up as we verify that this was a legitimate payout. If you message us, we’re happy to check the status of your payout.

How can I find my Curtsy Wallet?

Go to your profile (the girl icon in the lower right corner). Tap “Wallet.”

What’s the difference between “Earnings” and “Credits” in my Curtsy Wallet?

Earnings come from your sales that can be cashed out to your bank. Credits can only be used in the app, and typically come from referral bonuses or special promotions that Curtsy runs.

Why is the app asking me to pay to clear up an outstanding balance?

This happens when the balance in your wallet is negative, usually because we’ve refunded a buyer after you’ve already cashed out the earnings. Purchases on Curtsy are “as is” and can’t be returned, but we do guarantee buyers a full refund and return if the item they receive wasn’t described accurately in the listing.

To fix your account, simply follow the instructions on screen. We’ll charge your payment method the amount of the negative balance, and then you’ll be able to use Curtsy again.

Can I use my earnings to shop in the app?

Yep! Selling on Curtsy is a great way to fund your next favorite outfit :)

What are the fees for selling on Curtsy?

Curtsy keeps a small portion of the sale amount that we use to run our platform and provide world-class support. When you post your item, we tell you exactly how much you’ll make, and the amount of the Curtsy fee.

Buyers pay for shipping. Shipping doesn’t impact your earnings.

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