Offers For Sellers

Did you know you can also send offers to potential buyers? Learn more about Private Offers.

How do offers work for sellers?

On Curtsy, buyers can offer to buy your items for less than the posted price. When they make an offer, they’re agreeing to purchase the item if you accept. When a buyer makes an offer, you’ll get a notification. You’ll have 24 hours from then to either accept their offer or decline their offer before the offer expires.

I got an offer. Should I accept?

It depends! An offer today is better than no offers tomorrow. If you just posted your item and it's getting a lot of "buzz" - loves and messages, you're probably safe holding out for a better offer. Otherwise, take the offer!

Where can I find my offers?

Click here, or if you're in the mobile app, go to "Account", then "Offers".

Can I counter offer?

Right now we don’t have this feature but we’re adding it soon. Stay tuned!

What happens after I accept an offer?

The buyer will be charged and the purchase will go through. We’ll text you a link to print out the prepaid shipping label, just like any other order.

What happens if I decline an offer?

Nothing! You’re item will still be listed for sale for other potential buyers on the app. We’ll notify the person who made the offer to let them know you declined.

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