Offers For Buyers

How do offers work for buyers?

Offers are for when you love an item, but don’t love the price. After tapping the "Make Offer" button, you'll enter a price lower than the listed price. If the seller accepts, the order will go through and you’ll be charged.

Do offers expire?

Sellers have 24 hours to respond to an offer before it expires. You can’t cancel an offer after it’s been submitted -- offers are binding.

Is there a minimum offer amount?

To protect sellers from lowball offers, we enforce a minimum offer. If your offer is lower than we allow, we'll show an error message when you tap to make the offer.

How do I make an offer?

All items have a “Make Offer” button next to the “Buy Now” button. Simply tap the button, enter your offer, and then select your shipping and payment method. You won’t be charged unless the owner approves your offer.

How does shipping work with offers?

When you make an offer, you'll see exactly what the shipping cost and total amount will be if the item is approved.

How does shipping work with credit and promo codes?

When you make an offer, we'll show you the actual amount you'll pay after any promos and your Curtsy wallet balance have been applied. The seller doesn't see any of this-- they just see the amount you offered. So if you offer $24, but you have $10 in your Curtsy wallet, the seller will receive your offer for $24, and if they accept you'll be charged $14.

What if my offer isn’t accepted?

Oh no! We recommend messaging the seller and trying to agree on a price. If they’re willing to accept a lower offer, you can make another offer at that lower price.

Do I have to do anything after my offer is accepted?

Nope! Your card will be charged and the item will be shipping to you shortly. Feel free to message the seller and ask when they can ship it.

What if I change my mind?

Offers are binding. If the seller accepts, you’re agreeing to purchase the item from them and your card will be charged. Be sure that you want the item before you make an offer.

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