Buyer Protection

Unhappy with a recent purchase on Curtsy? Please message us in the app and let us know what happened.

Our Policy

Curtsy guarantees a full refund if an item wasn't accurately described, arrives in poor condition, or is never shipped.

We don't offer refunds for wear, stains, or other flaws that are mentioned or pictured in the listing. Before buying, be sure to read the description closely, look over the photos, and ask questions if you have any!

To be eligible for a refund, we ask that you reach out to Curtsy support within 3 days of receiving an order.

What if my item doesn't fit or I don't like the style?

While we don't offer refunds for reasons not mentioned above, we can still help!

Please reach out to us in the app and let us know you weren't happy with your purchase within a few days of receiving it. We'll help you re-list the item for sale on your account. When the item sells, we'll refund the Curtsy fee so it's like you received a full refund on your original purchase.

I'm a seller, how does this impact me?

You may be responsible for paying return shipping if your item wasn't described accurately. This could include something simple, like selecting Size M on a dress that's actually a 6.

If you go to ship your item and discover an issue, it's always better to give the buyer a heads up before you ship, and offer to cancel if needed.

Your buyers on Curtsy are your customers :) Treat them well! They'll rate you 5-stars, and maybe even come back and buy from you again in the future.

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