Posting Your Items

How does posting work?

It only takes a minute to list on Curtsy. Just add photos, describe the item, and set your price. We suggest a price based on the item’s brand, condition, and retail price, but you’re free to price your item however you like.

After you post the item will be visible on your closet immediately, but our moderation team will need to approve your item before it starts appearing in the feed. This usually takes just a few hours.

What are the posting requirements?

In order to create an amazing shopping experience for buyers, we have a few requirements for items posted on Curtsy:

  • The item must be in new, like-new or excellent condition with no visible stains or damage. Even if these flaws are described and photographed we will not accept these items-- please get it cleaned or repaired before listing on Curtsy!
  • The item must fall into one of our approved categories, which you can see below.
  • There must be at least one picture of the item on a person -- whether that’s you, or a model. You can typically find photos of the item online if you don’t have any of you wearing the item.
  • The photos of the item must have good lighting, so that the style and color of the item is clear. The item must be fully visible, so that its length and features are obvious to buyers.
  • The item must be on trend, purchased in the last few years, and likely to sell.

What kind of items can I post?

We allow most types of apparel (dresses, tops, shorts, jeans, etc), with the exception of intimates and swimwear, which we don’t currently allow.

We don’t currently support shoes, bags, jewelry or other accessories, but hope to add these soon.

What happens if my item is rejected?

We’ll send you a notification letting you know why your item wasn’t approved. After editing the item your item will be re-reviewed by our moderation team.

How should I price my item?

After entering in your item’s details we’ll show you a suggested price. This is based on the brand, condition, and retail price of the item. You can use this suggested price or set your own.

Generally speaking, the higher discount you offer (based on the item’s retail price), the more likely it is to sell quickly. Items with less of a discount take longer to sell.

What are the fees for selling on Curtsy?

We keep a small portion of every sale in order to run our platform and provide world-class support. When you set your price on an item, we’ll show you exactly how much you’ll make and the amount of our fee.

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