Posting Your Items

How does posting work?

It only takes a minute to list on Curtsy. Just add photos, describe the item, and set your price. We suggest a price based on the item’s brand, condition, and retail price, but you’re free to price your item however you like.

After you post the item will be visible on your closet immediately, but our moderation team will need to approve your item before it starts appearing in the feed. This usually takes just a few hours.

What are the posting requirements?

In order to create an amazing shopping experience for buyers, we have a few requirements for items posted on Curtsy:

  • The item must be in new, like-new or excellent condition with any flaws, wear, or alterations pictured and described.
  • The item must be clearly visible in the photos. For clothes, we recommend showing items on a person, whether that's you (#MirrorSelfie), or the photos from the retailer's website. You can typically find photos of the item online if you don’t have any of you wearing the item.
  • At least one of the photos must show the actual item in your posession (e.g. not a retailer photo).
  • We only allow one item per listing. To ensure a consistent shopping experience for buyers, we don't support multiple items in one listing, or multiple sizes on the same item.

What kind of items can I post?

We allow most types of women's clothing (dresses, tops, shorts, jeans, etc), swimwear, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and accessories.

What items sell best on Curtsy?

Items that sell fastest are in season and purchased in the last few years from recognizable brands and designers.

What happens if my item is rejected?

We’ll send you a notification letting you know why your item wasn’t approved. After editing the item your item will be re-reviewed by our moderation team.

How should I price my item?

After entering in your item’s details we’ll show you a suggested price. This is based on the brand, condition, and retail price of the item. You can use this suggested price or set your own.

Generally speaking, the higher discount you offer from the item's original retail price, the more likely it is to sell quickly. Items with less of a discount take longer to sell.

How do I add a link to the original item from the retailer?

Sellers now have the option to link to the original item on their listings. This helps give buyers more information, like more photos, product measurements, reviews, and more. Most buyers will actually try and research an item online before buying, so making it easier for them should result in your item selling faster.

Since linking to the original item will help it sell faster, we are offering two bonus Curtsy coins for these items.

Does Curtsy charge a fee?

The Curtsy fee is 20%, or $3 for items under $15. We use this fee to run our platform and provide world-class customer support to our buyers and sellers.

We also use the Curtsy fee to fund Daily Deals, Curtsy Rewards, and our Referral Program.

When it comes to buy/sell apps, you get what you pay for. Most sellers consider Curtsy great value for the simple experience we offer.

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