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Curtsy is an app that lets women rent fashion from each other. We’re a scrappy startup team based in San Francisco, CA.

We started Curtsy during our senior year at Ole Miss in 2015. Since then, we’ve launched the app in college markets across the US. Now, we’re expanding the service to retail and putting dresses in the mail.

We’re backed by Kevin Durant of the Warriors, and some of Silicon Valley’s best investors, including Saar Gur of CRV, SV Angel, Y Combinator and others. We’ve been featured in publications such as TechCrunch, Jezebel, and The Macro.


Our mission at Curtsy is to build community through making fashion accessible so that every woman can feel confident and beautiful without breaking the bank.

We think that in the future, more dresses will be rented than purchased. Half or more of a woman’s closet will be on rotation—filled with items she didn’t purchase, doesn’t own, and can part ways with at any moment. This new freedom will change the way women relate to fashion for the better.

Our members would rather invest in experiences with the people they love than having a closet full of designer fashion. Now, Curtsy is changing the fashion industry to reflect these new values.



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