• What is Success Rate?

    Success on Curtsy means having a high percentage of paid rentals compared to the amount of requests that you get.

    Here’s two examples:

    • GOOD success: 15 try on requests, 7 paid rentals
    • POOR success: 15 try on requests, 2 paid rentals

    We understand that not every try on request will result in a rental, so we base Success Rate on the average of our best owners on Curtsy.

    Here are some tips to being successful on Curtsy:

    • Respond to messages quickly
    • Make sure your listings have good photos
    • Update your “Fit Profile” so renters can get a sense of sizing
    • Never accept payment outside of Curtsy

    Having a high success rate will result in your items being shown to more renters, and appearing higher in the feed.

  • How do I change where my closet is showing?

    1. Open the app and go to your profile
    2. Tap Closet
    3. Tap ‘Move Closet’
    4. Enter the correct address

  • I have requested payment and she has not paid me, what do I do?

  • What is my address used for?

    To determine where your Curtsy Closet will be shown!

    Your specific address is never shown to anyone in the app. It is only used to determine where the items you post in your closet will show up. If you add your closet address in Tuscaloosa, your closet will appear on the Tuscaloosa feed.

  • Why does my account have a negative balance?

    If your account has an outstanding balance, you’ll have to pay the balance before continuing to use the app.

    There are a few reasons why your account could have a negative balance:

    • Your card was declined from a recent rental
    • We refunded a renter for their rental from you, but you’d already cashed out to your bank

    To resolve the negative balance, simply open the app and follow the instructions. You may have to add a new card. After you’ve paid the outstanding balance you should be able to view the app again.

    Questions about your charges? Contact us!

  • How can I cash out to my bank?

    After getting a rental you can transfer the money instantly to your debit card.

    1. Go to Your Wallet
    2. Tap “Transfer Money”
    3. Add your debit card

    It may ask you for your billing address and birthday for verification purposes.

    The actual transfer usually takes 5 minutes or less. In some cases, especially if you have a small regional bank, it could take between 1-3 days to show up in your account.

    Not seeing the money? Contact us.

  • Will I get paid for the renters late fees?

    When late fees are paid, the owner will take 70% and Curtsy will take 30% (same as rentals). The owner will be paid out after the renter is charged.

    After the renter has returned the item, they need to open the app and tap ‘Mark As Returned’ on the rental. Both the owner and renter need to do this.

    Trying to return your dress but the owner isn’t responding? Please contact us.

  • Where should I meet the renter?

    On Curtsy, renters come to you. You can meet them wherever you’re comfortable: on campus, your dorm, or your front porch.

    Most renters would prefer to take the item with them and try it on at home. If you’d prefer they didn’t do this, you can meet in a location with a bathroom so they can try on the item before taking it home.

  • Why are my items hidden?

    If you haven’t been on the app in a while, we’ll hide your items so that our members don’t try to rent them.  While they’re hidden, they’ll only be visible to you in your Closet. We do this so that our members have the best experience possible.

    We also hide closets of owners who have below a 75% response rate.

    If your items have been hidden by accident, or you would like to unhide them, send us a message.

  • What’s the late return policy?

    It’s important that all items are returned to their owners by midnight on the return date to be ready for new renters.

    If the dress isn’t returned to the owner, the renter will be charged $10 per day for five days. On the sixth day, the renter will be charged another rental price of the item (in addition to what they’ve already paid in late fees).

    If we haven’t heard from the renter after a week, they’ll be charged the full retail price of the item. At that point, Curtsy will fully reimburse the owner for the item or replace their item.

    For late fees to start, the owner must report the item as late. Rentals can be reported as late when you go to the rental and hit “Report As Late.” From there, Curtsy will help get the item back.

    If you need to extend your rental for any reason, please contact us.

  • Who handles the cleaning?

    Renters are responsible for returning your item in the same condition they received it in. The item may not need dry cleaning after every rental. If you have special instructions for how you want your item to be cleaned, make sure to let the renter know ahead of time.

    They may request additional time to allow for dry cleaning.  If you’d like to dry clean the item yourself, just let them know.

    Owners are responsible for keeping their items in good, rentable condition.

  • What is the try-on free period?

    Everyone that rents from you has 24-72 hours (you choose) after reserving an item to try on free. The item must be returned within the time-frame. Renters will be charged $10 per day if they don’t return your item.

  • How will I get paid?

    You’ll be paid instantly when the renter pays to reserve your item in the app. You can also request payment from the renter through the app. This will send them a notification to complete payment for your item.

    The money from the rental goes into your ‘Curtsy Wallet’ on the app, and you can transfer the money to your bank at any point.

    Contact us if you’re having trouble getting paid!

  • When will I get paid?

    You’ll be paid in your Curtsy Wallet on the app instantly when the renter reserves your item. You can cash out your to your debit card or use the money to rent in the app.

    Transferring the money to your debit card usually takes 5 minutes or less. In some cases, especially if you have a small regional bank, it could take between 1-3 days to show up in your account.

    Not seeing the money? Contact us.

  • What happens if something is stained or damaged?

    If anything happens to your item, Curtsy will pay for repairs or even replace it up to present retail value if necessary, up to $1000.  

    All damage and other issues must be reported to Curtsy within 5 days of the rental return date to be eligible for coverage.

    Renting out your closet Curtsy should be fun and stress-free, and our Curtsy Coverage makes it so that you don’t have to worry.

    To report damage:

    1. Open the rental in the app
    2. Tap “Report Damage”

    You can contact us if you need additional help.

  • How much does Curtsy charge?

    When you get a rental on Curtsy, you keep 70% and we keep 30%. This is the same arrangement Uber has with its drivers and Apple with the companies that create apps (like Curtsy).

    When you post or edit an item, the app will show you the exact amount you’ll make when your item gets rented. You can set the prices as high or low as you’d like.

  • How can I get more rentals?

    Here are some tips to get more rentals on Curtsy.

    1. Photos are the #1 most important thing you can do to get more rentals. The best dresses on Curtsy have lots of well-lit, high-res photos of varying types:

    • Photos of you wearing the item
    • Instagrams and party pics
    • Retail shots from the web

    2. Be descriptive!

    • Describe the fit. Including your height, weight, and bra size can help potential renters find the perfect-fit.
    • Describe the color. Do the photos do it justice? If not, is it closer to red or pink?
    • The more specific, the better.

    3. Share the link to your Curtsy Closet.

    • Add the link to your closet in your IG Bio or share it with friends
    • You can access the link to your Curtsy Closet from your profile. Tap the dots on the top right of your profile to see ‘Copy Profile URL’

  • What is the pickup date?

    The pickup date is when the rental officially starts, it’s the day that the renter wants to pick up the item from you. You will be charged one day after the pickup date.

  • I need help. How do I contact Curtsy?

    We are here for you! Please contact us in whatever way is easiest — text, call, email, or message us in the app.

    Phone: (650) 564-7145
    Email: [email protected]
    Message us in the app