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Q: What’s the late return policy?

Rentals are due back to the owner by midnight on the return date, the last day of the rental.

If the dress isn’t returned to the owner, the renter will be charged $10 per day for three days. On the fourth day, the renter will be charged another rental price of the item (in addition to the $30 they’ve already paid in late fees). The renter will be charged the rental price of the item each week until the item is returned.

For late fees to start, the owner must report the item as late. Rentals can be reported as late through app messenger or by tapping “get help”. 

After the renter has returned the item, they need to open the app and tap ‘Mark As Returned’ on the rental. Both the owner and renter need to do this.

It’s important that all items are returned to their owners by midnight on the return date.  The owner may need it, or they may have another renter that has reserved it.

If you need to extend your rental for any reason, please contact us.

Trying to return your dress but the owner isn’t responding? Please contact us.